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We're Green

recycle iconThe steel that we manufacture our products out of is 65 - 80% recycled steel. All scrap steel is recycled.

recycle cardboardThe cardboard that we use for packaging our products is made of 30-40% recycled materials.

recycle paperWe recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum, and steel. The powder from our powder coat paint system is captured and reused in our new automated system.
recycle pollution No pollutants are released either into our factory or into the outdoor air from our factory. Powder coat finishes and water-based spray paint eliminate odors and pollutants.

factory safetyOur factory cleanliness is maintained daily. To help relieve stress in the work environment, we have colorful flags throughout the factory, plants and T5 lighting.  We take pride in our clean and safe work areas.

natural prairieOur employees participate in a company-wide wellness program, enjoy a walk through a two acre natural prairie full of wild flowers and grasses, or pick apples from our apple orchard.